First Time Horse Owner’s Checklist

Finally – The big day!

After all, that planning and stressing the big day is finally here, you’ve not slept a wink all night and you’re too excited to eat! First of all, I’d like to say congratulations!! I still remember when I bought my first horse – I didn’t sleep for ages before I was that excited. If you can you need to have something to eat in the morning, it’ll be a long day and you might not get a chance (or feel like) to eat later so make the most of it before, you’ll need to keep your strength and energy up.

I know that you’re going to be excited which is why it’s important to have either your instructor or another experienced person with you. They’ll help you make sure the day goes smoothly and that you don’t forget anything such as papers. 

The last thing you need to do is the most important thing but I’m sure you don’t need telling to do it, so what is that one thing? Just ENJOY your horse because he’s now all yours!

Page 3 – Before your horse arrives

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