About Me

My name’s Lucy and at the age of five, I was bullied at school so my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to learn to ride, thinking it would help to restore the confidence I’d lost. They couldn’t have picked a better activity for me – not only did my confidence grow but it set me along a lifelong path that I’ve not looked back on.

That was many decades ago and in that time I’ve obtained an Executive Diploma in Equine Horse Care from the International Career Institute, owned dozens of horses (as well as a number of donkeys), run a successful riding school and learnt a great deal about every aspect of horses in those years.

When I bought my first horse I realized just how little I really knew about owning and caring for horses. Back then there was no internet so all I could do was ask friends and learn from experience!

It’s for this reason that I wanted to help other people by passing on some of the things I’d learned which is why I thought I’d create this blog, I wanted it to become a real factbook for new and experienced owners and riders alike.

I’m also a regular contributor on many other horse websites, you can check out some of my most recent articles by clicking the links below: