10 Unusual Horse Sports

With the long summer months pretty much upon us, we all want to get outdoors and spend as much time with our horses as we can. While long rides are great fun but if you’re always doing the same thing it can get pretty boring, for both you and your horse. You could give an equestrian activity such as reigning, show jumping or polo a go but what about trying something far more unusual instead?

I thought it might be fun to put together a list of some of the more unusual things you and your horse can do together. While you may have heard of some of these sports I bet there’s one or two that you’ve never heard of before! You’ll also find some very old favorites too.


No that’s not a typo I really did say horseboarding!! Starting back in 2004 this relatively new extreme sport which involves a horse and rider towing a board rider on a mountainboard has now become popular across the globe. It’s a multi-discipline sport that requires complete control of both riders who are in constant communication with each other. The horse rider needs to keep the correct position as well as speed and the board rider needs to keep their board stable while adapting to the speed and changing direction of the horse and rider. Horseboarding is also very popular as a competitive sport where rider and boarder can take part in Horseboarding Drag Race and or Arena Horse Boarding competitions, both disciplines award the fastest time and highest speed competitors.

  • Horseboarding Drag Race – This is a head to head event where teams compete in heats that are run over a 100 meter drag strip. Two teams compete in each event with the winner going through to the next heat. Eventually, a knockout stage will decide the overall winner.
  • Arena Horse Boarding – Competing against the clock, each team has to navigate their way around a twisting course making sure they avoid a series of obstacles (known as gates).

If you live near a beach you might be interested to know that an earlier inception of horseboarding involved a surfboard instead of a mountainboard.

Interested in horseboarding you can find everything you need to know on the official website.

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