Top 12 Best Horse Breeds For Beginners And Why

When many people first start learning to ride they often wonder if there’s a particular type of horse that would suit them more. You may be a nervous rider or don’t yet have a good balance so it’s natural to ask if one breed would suit you more than another breed would. Horses are living creatures with their own personalities so while one breed may be perfect it doesn’t mean to say that every horse within that breed is going to be suitable. That said each breed has its own characteristics and traits that it’s known for.

If you’re not worried about whether a horse is registered as a purebred or not then you might want to consider a Grade Horse. Often classed as a breed they are, by definition, a type rather than a breed, a Grade Horse can be any horse (or pony in the case of a Grade Pony) whose parentage is unknown or of high mixed breeding. Much the same as with a mongrel dog there will always be people that will turn their nose up at non-purebreds but if you ask me, not being a purebred works in the favor of a Grade Horse. This is because, while not always, they often have the best characteristics of all of the breeds in their makeup, this generally makes them safe, dependable horses which, as a new rider, is exactly what you want.

If, on the other hand, you are worried if a horse is registered or not then you need to consider a few things before deciding if a particular breed is suitable for new riders. If you’re only requirement is a general purpose horse to learn to ride on then an ideal breed would have a gentle, even temperament, be versatile and comfortable to ride while at the same time not be headstrong and considering the rider. You also don’t want a horse that is highly strung and will spook easily. With this in mind, I thought I’d have a look at the most suitable breeds for new riders.

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