10 Unusual Horse Sports


You may have heard of horseball and think of it as a modern sport but you’d be very wrong, like so many other equine sports horseball is much older than you might realize, having been played around the world for centuries, albeit under different names. In Asia, it’s called Buzkashi which means goat pulling (even today they use the carcass of a goat) while in South America it’s known as Pato which means duck (although they now use a ball with handles it was originally played with a live duck).

A cross between polo, rugby, basketball and Quidditch (okay maybe not but if Quidditch was a real sport it would be), horseball is played with two teams of four riders and two substitutes. The aim is to score a goal by passing the ball to at least three different riders before throwing the ball through a vertical hoop. No rider is allowed to hold the ball for more than ten seconds and if it’s dropped then the rider isn’t allowed to dismount in order to pick it up.

It’s an extremely fast-paced sport that has been called Quidditch on horseback, if you’d like to know more about it then the Fédération Internationale de Horseball, the international governing body for the sport, will be able to help you.

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