10 Unusual Horse Sports


With handheld GPS devices being relatively affordable and easy to buy these days new sports such as equicaching (or geocaching on horseback as it’s also known as) have emerged. Still in its infancy there’s no association or regulatory body for it yet but there are plenty of organized events around the world, or if you’d prefer you can organize one with a few friends.

The idea behind it is simple, it’s a treasure hunt on horseback – now what could be more fun than that! Much the same as geocaching, somebody will hide some ‘treasure’ (known as cache) and then, in most cases post the coordinates online. The treasure hunters will then use their GPS devices to follow the coordinates to the cache. Once you’ve found it there should be, along with a logbook, a small item or two of ‘treasure’. You don’t have to but it’s generally understood that you’ll write in the logbook to record that you’ve been there. The etiquette of geocaching and equicaching is that if you take an item that’s been left you should replace it with something else for the next person – it doesn’t need to be much, even a little bit of braided hair from your horse’s tail is good.

Equicaching is a great way to explore new locations and enjoy long rides with like-minded people. Some organized events will have races where teams will compete to see who can find the cache first.

While there’s no association dedicated to equicaching it’s an extension of geocaching which has an official website with over two million cache sites around the globe.

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