10 Unusual Horse Sports

Tent Pegging

Believed to originate from the days of Alexander the Great, tent pegging has never really gone out of fashion and is more popular now than it’s ever been. International Championships take part every year where competitors from across the globe come together to compete.

Sometimes called Skill at Arms it was originally developed as a training technique for mounted soldiers to hone their battle skills and accuracy and hasn’t changed much since its inception. The objective is for the rider to use a sword to pick up small pegs (with loops attached tot he top of them) from the ground as they ride past at speed. Riders can also use a lance to pick up rings at head height.

Any horse can take part in tent pegging but they do need to be able to gallop in a straight line. In America, the Quarter Horse and Arab are the most popular breeds while other countries favor breeds with a good mix of Thoroughbred and Arab blood.

If you interested in find out more about tent pegging check out the United States Tent Pegging Federation’s website for all the information you’ll need.

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