10 Unusual Horse Sports

Mounted archery 

While we’re still on the subject of medieval horse ‘sports’ why not try your hand at mounted archery. In medieval times it wasn’t so much of a sport but more of a way of life, either in battle or for hunting for food. After the development of machinery it died out, that is until the Mongolians revived it purely as a sport after their independence from China in 1911.

These days mounted archery is purely a sport and is growing in popularity, especially in America and Europe where competitors are trying to have it included in the Olympic Games. Being run over a 99 meter course with a single moving target it’s a real test of skill as the rider has to, not only complete the course in 20 seconds or less but they also do it while steering their horse with their legs. Points are not only awarded for speed but also how accurately they hit the target.

If you want to find out more about mounted archery why not check out the association’s website?

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